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Reward FAQ

Rewards program is to reward players not only deposit but at the same time, making it worthwhile for all members as part of loyalty and leisure of exchanging for Free Credits/Products/Items that you desire.

1. What is CPoints (CP)?
Cari686 CPoints are points that each member able to earn automatically by system while deposit in
Caribet66.com ( Except Citibet, Sportsbook and 4D Games).To enjoy more benefits such as Free Credit exchange or Merchandises or Items that you would wish to request with designated amount of CPoints for exchanged.

2. How to earn reward CPoints?
Cari686 believes in rewarding players not only with deposit bonus but at the same time, making every deposit worthwhile as well. Member will start earning CPoints automatically while making deposit, Each deposit after deducted deposit bonus selected by member, the balance of every MYR10 can get 0.1 CPoints. Citibet, Sportsbook and 4D do not include Cpoint reward.

Scenario 1:
Deposit MYR 30 with no promotion.
Total Deposit amount is MYR 30
Total 0.3 CP earn

Scenario 2:
Deposit MYR 100 with 10% bonus daily promotion.
Total Deposit amount is MYR 100 – Bonus MYR 10 = MYR 90
Total 0.9 CP earn

Scenario 3:
Deposit MYR 500 with 10% bonus daily promotion.
Total Deposit amount is MYR 500 – Bonus MYR 50 = MYR 450
Total 4.5 CP earn

3. Do I need to sign up for CARI686 rewards program?
There is NO need to sign up. Once you registered as
Cari686 member, you will be automatically activated upon successful deposit.

4. Will my CPoints (CP) expire?
Cari686 reward points are expiration are as below:
For ALL earned CPoints will be valid for six (6) months.
If you have yet to claim any of your unused CPoints that is expired (validation provided), all your unused CPoints will deemed invalid and expired. You are reminded to redeem your CPoints before the CPoints expire in every six (6) calendar months.

5. When will I see CPoints to be reflected in my account?
Reward points are being calculated directly when your deposit is approved and will be updates to your Reward account.

6. How to see if i am earning CPoints?
Kindly log in to www.
Cari686.me and click on Rewards in order to view your CPoints. Your total available points till date are reflected on the top right hand corner. Click on “My Account > Status” and you are able to view daily earned / redeemed CPoints.

7. What am I able to redeem?
Caribet66 rewards program enables you to redeem Free Credit, Merchandises and many more products. In order for you to redeem, please log into www.Cari686.me rewards and search for the item desired by category. Once that is done, kindly click “redeem” on the item and making sure you provide valid courier details (Full Name , Address , Contact ) and submit the redemption request.

Cari686 is not responsible for lost, stole or broken Gift item(s) which have been received by members.

The Gift item(s) redeemed are not transfer, exchange for other rewards, refund or replace for cash or credit under any circumstances.

Once the gift is delivered by courier, Cari686 will provides a courier certificate to proved, for any incorrect information provides by member or does not receive a gift. Caribet66 will not be responsible or send gifts again.

8. How to confirm Flight Ticket travel period?
01st December 2020 Redemption: Two (2) round-trip economy class flight ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok, booking by

*booking period: within 2 week after redeemed date (01st December – 14th December 2020) ; travel period: within three (3) month from the date of booking (Before 15th March 2021)*

The flight ticket must be booking by Cari686.com within TWO (2) weeks. Member have to provide travel period within TWO (2) weeks for booking purpose from the date of redeemed. Member must provide own and travel companion original identity card and/ or passport for verification when booking the flight ticket. Failure by the Member to claim the flight ticket within the Stipulated Period shall result in the forfeiture of the flight ticket, and the Cari686 reserves the absolute discretion to deal with the forfeited Prize as it deems fit.

9. What is the meaning of Pending, Successful or Rejected from rewards redemption statement?



Turnaround Time


Waiting for Cari686 to process your redemption.
Your points are deducted immediately from the available balance.

Within 2 working days


Indication that your request has been successful:-
For Free Credit, your playing account is credited accordingly.
For Products, your requested item has left out for delivery.



Voided redemption request:
- Request do not meet Cari686 Terms and Conditions
- Items Out of Stock
- Other Reasons.
Your points are return and re-added back into your account


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